Here are some pre-construction photos taken at the future site of Bagnell Dam. The photos were taken in the summer of 1929, just days before work on the project began. Twenty-one months later this quiet valley would be the site of the world's largest man-made lake.

This photo looks westward from the dam site. Wilson Hill can be seen prominently on the right. It's just west of present-day Lake Road W-24. The pyramid-shaped knob in the left background (discernible behind and below the tree branch) is Ginger Hill, at mile marker 2. The wooded area in front of the hill and somewhat closer to the camera is known today as Duck Head Point.

This second photo looks south-westerly directly over the future dam site, with the placid Osage River in the foreground. The point in the center background is the future Lake Ozark strip. Notice the barn in the right background. It was one of the first structures taken down to make way for the lake. That barnyard is now underwater in the cove just east of Lake Road 54-8.

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