Located at the west end of the Grand Glaize Bridge, Bridgeport Marina is one of the oldest boatyards on the lake. Of course, it's changed quite a bit over the years.

The two photos below show the marina in earlier days. The small black and white photo was taken around 1950. The colorized photo is circa 1940. The arrow in the upper photo points to the same dock that's seen in the color picture. The dock has a gas pump (the logo on the dock appears to advertise Mobil gas) and it's also the home of an excursion boat known as the Echo II. But there's more. Scroll back and forth between the two pictures. There's an inconsistency between them. Do you see it?

There's no bridge in the background of the color picture! How can that be? The Grand Glaize Bridge was completed in 1931. It should be there. Either it was painted out, or else...?

Personally, I subscibe to the "or else" theory. Look carefully at the dock in the color picture. Notice that both ends are tapered, like a barge. That dock was built to be moved, and apparently it was moved sometime between 1940 and 1950. (If you have another explanation, send it to me.)

Here's one more illustration for you. It's an advertisement from the 1960s. Bridgeport was much larger; you get a sense of that as you read through the ad. And the Echo II had long since made its last excursion--now you could ride the much larger Governor.

Special thanks to Brad Atkinson of Fenton, Missouri, for the photos and ad.

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