Ha Ha Tonka Before the Lake

Here are a couple of interesting photographs and map of the Ha Ha Tonka estate. All are from the 1920s.

The photo at right depicts Ha Ha Tonka's water tower. It doesn't look like a water tower, nor was it supposed to look like one--all in keeping with the Snyder family's intent to make Ha Ha Tonka a truly unique estate. The tower was located northeast of the castle. You can see it on the drawing at the bottom of this page.

The photograph shown below is taken from the water tower and looks in a westerly direction. The building in the foreground is the garage; the castle is in the middle background. Also visible is Lake Ha Ha Tonka. In 1931 the waters of the new Lake of the Ozarks backed up into the valley and covered Lake Ha Ha Tonka with an additional four feet of water. Beyond the dark ridge in the middle background is the Niangua River, which, of course, became the Niangua Arm of Lake of the Ozarks.

The map below was commissioned by the Snyder family, owners of the estate. It shows all the structures and landforms of the area. The road that runs along Lake Ha Ha Tonka and past the post office is now Highway D.

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